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Welcome to Zyad, our 2024 Google Summer of Code intern

ยท One min read
Antonin Delpeuch

The OpenRefine project participates in the 2024 Google Summer of Code program, which provides remote internships in software development on open-source projects. We are happy to announce that for this year's cohort, we will be joined by Zyad Taha, who has applied to work on improvements to clustering. He will be mentored by Antonin Delpeuch.

Zyad already contributed several pull requests in the last week. However, this is the opportunity to welcome him into the community formally! The Google Summer of Code internships will run from May 27 to August 26.

We thank all the applicants for their work during the contribution period and encourage them to continue working on free and open source software. The number of interns we can accept is limited by our mentoring capacity.