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OpenRefine News: August 2015

· 3 min read
Martin Magdinier

Did you took a break from OpenRefine in August, fear of missing something? No worries, the August update got you covered.

New Tutorials and Articles

Most of August tutorials and new publication revolve around using OpenRefine with third party service, either by call an API or fetching web pages.

Catch up Silk tutorial and video webinar on how to clean and enhance data using APIs, OpenRefine, and Regex

@hpiedcoq have been sharing a list of JSON recipes and how to on github:

On a similart topic, paldhous shared his recipe to geocode list of addresses in Open Refine, using Bing and MapQuest Open APIs

New reconcilitation service for The lobid-organisations service. They provides a web API to a comprehensive dataset of library institutions in Germany. All the details to connect to their reconciliation service is on their github

In Korean Neuro Associates share a complete slideshow introducing OpenRefine main functionality.

In French, clusteriser vos urls avec OpenRefine

Development Update

As we keep closing the latest issue for the 2.6 release, @cm_harlow shared her speaker's notes for #c4lmdc OpenRefine Recon Service workshop

August Events Summary

MSU’s Institute for Digital Archaeology Method & Practice, took place August 18 and 19 and included a session on OpenRefine led by @DEJPett. You can catch up with the workshop task and tutorial shared on texas diplomatic correspondence.

Meanwhile in Argentina, the HackHacker Media party was a great success. Thank you to @jjelosua and @rusosnith for sharing your OpenRefine knowledge!

Coming Workshop and Events

LODLAM is looking for folks to teach #OpenRefine #SPARQL and other tools throughout 2015-16. Sign up here

Come at one of the coming OpenRefine events to sharpe your data cleaning skills: