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WikidataCon Award 2019

ยท One min read
Antonin Delpeuch

We are pleased to announce that the Wikidata community has awarded a WikidataCon 2019 Award to OpenRefine in the Editing category.

Wikidata editing with OpenRefine was introduced in version 3.0, released in September 2018. It was used since to perform millions of Wikidata edits, either directly from OpenRefine or via QuickStatements.

This award goes to all our users who do the hard work behind these imports, the mentors who organize workshops around the tool or write training material around it, the developers and translators, and the Google News Initiative which funded this feature.

For a 10 minutes introduction to Wikidata editing with OpenRefine, we recommend this video tutorial by Emma Carroll (who deserves special thanks for its clarity):