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Get involved in the OpenRefine community

OpenRefine is made by people like you. You can help us in many ways, including the roles below.

Connect with us

Join our vibrant community of users and contributors. We listed below the platforms used by the core team, however a lot of great conversation happen directly within our user community preferred channel.

PlatformCome here for
GitHub is where OpenRefine code live. We maintain two main repositories:
  • OpenRefine where you can contribute to OpenRefine development and translation. This is also the place to file a bug or feature request
  • is where we maintain our documentation and this website.
  • Forum
    After GitHub this is our main communication platform. Join our forum to ask for support when using OpenRefine, discuss OpenRefine development and check the latest community update.

    You can find here our archived user and development mailing list.
    Community Calls
    We are organizing bi-weekly video call where everybody is welcome to chat about OpenRefine, ask questions, share things they do with OpenRefine. It happens every two weeks on alternating times: 07:00 UTC on Friday and 15:00 UTC on Tuesday.
    You can join us on gitter chat for real time chat. The room is not always monitored and we invite you to post on our forum if you do not receive an answer.
    Social Media
    x LinkedIn Mastodon
    We share project announcements, opportunities, upcoming events, on diverse social media platforms. Follow and tag #OpenRefine on LinkedIn, Twitter/X or Mastodon.