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OpenRefine Ecosystem

The OpenRefine ecosystem comprises the OpenRefine project, which maintains the OpenRefine software, user forums, documentation and translation, and user groups that contextualize OpenRefine for their communities' usage.

Those user groups include data journalists, semantic web enthusiasts, Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM), researchers, or members of the Wikimedia Movement. Each community provides advocacy, training, and support activities via mediums relevant to its members, with little coordination between them. For instance, libraries host training sessions for archivists, librarians, and researchers; workshops are organized during data journalism conferences; and a dedicated Telegram channel is available for Wikimedians seeking support.

Third-party developers create extensions and reconciliation services compatible with OpenRefine. Reconciliation services allow users to link their datasets with a external data sources, while extensions add domain-specific features or integrate OpenRefine into a particular workflow. These services expand OpenRefine's capabilities, enabling users to accomplish their tasks more efficiently.

Finally, the Advisory Committee is responsible for OpenRefine funding and administrative tasks to support the ecosystem. It coordinates with Code for Science and Society, our fiscal host, and OpenRefine funders.