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OpenRefine News: October 2015

· 3 min read
Martin Magdinier

In this October edition of OpenRefine news: we have listed the latest tutorials and documentation published. Looking for events to attends in November? There is five OpenRefine events happening in the coming weeks.

Tutorials and Articles

Find out how to convert XML or JSON into spreadsheets using OpenRefine by @paulbradshaw

@SI_Stellies shared five steps in OpenRefine that can save hours. The publication is related to the war on poverty program in South Africa and how your data set can easily be misinterpreted.

Abdelrahman Hosny wrote a breakdown and analysis as well and show how to clean messy data using OpenRefine,.

Brief tutorial from @church on adding unique identifiers with leading zeroes in OpenRefine. Sometimes you may want to add unique identifiers (UIDs) to your data in OpenRefine (eg. migrating the data into a Database Management System (DBMS) like Access or Filemaker). This is a basic guideline of how to go about doing that step by step.

Good video here shows how Using OpenRefine to process data from the Past Perfect records using the MADE authority.

Publication on how to Identifying potential headings for Authority work using III Sierra, MS Excel and OpenRefine by @LibWorkflowEx

Thad Guidry bloged on how to display HTML content from a URL within OpenRefine,. It works great if you’re doing small reconciling task.

@hpiedcoq gives us a brief outline on how to filter data, by time period, so it’s easier to work with.

Lots of tutorials and articles on regex, OpenRefine, Google Fusion Tables & more from Intersect Australia. Shared via @a_e_lang

In French

OpenRefine et géocodage avec by Christian Quest.

In Chinese

OpenRefine导入CSV文件,数据清理后导出JSON格式 published by HK Zhang.

October Events

Among the several workshop on OpenRefine that happened through October, Rob Davidson presented at #COMBINE15.

At #odcamp Day 2, among session on health care and dataviz, one on using OpenRefine to generate RDF. Thank you Marc Barto. for sharing


Toronto OpenRefine is having a Meet-Up this up and coming month, Nov 17th How OpenRefine can help your next data projects? With user showcase make sure you don’t miss out on this and sign up, guest speakers Bianca Wylie and Heerbod Etemadi already confirmed.

Hands-on intro to data cleaning with OpenRefine workshop Stanford Libraries Workshop is on Tuesday Nov. 17, 2015.

Camperdown University of Sydney: Cleaning & exploring your data with Open Refine on Thursday 19th November.

Metadata tools, working with MarcEdit and OpenRefine Workshop Friday 20th Nov in Birmingham.

How to automate the administration of PPC campaigns using OpenRefine Thursday November 26th Brno, Czech Republic.

OpenRefine Workshop in Gent (Belgium) Friday 4th Dec.