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Welcome to Jan Ainali, OpenRefine's new advisory committee member

· 2 min read
Sandra Fauconnier

OpenRefine’s advisory committee is growing! We are warmly welcoming Jan Ainali as a new member. OpenRefine’s advisory committee runs the administrative side of the project on a day to day basis.

Portrait photo of Jan Ainali

Photo: Jan Ainali, CC BY-SA 4.0

Jan brings a lot of valuable experience to OpenRefine and to the advisory committee. He is an active user of OpenRefine and a volunteer in the Wikimedia movement (representing one of OpenRefine’s larger user communities). In his day job as codebase steward at the Foundation for Public Code (based in Amsterdam, NL), Jan closely works with open source software projects developed by public organizations around the world. Previously, he also was (among others) a policy advisor at the European Parliament, and Executive Director of Wikimedia Sweden.

In Jan’s own words:

Since OpenRefine fills such an important role in the ecosystem and is a valuable tool for different communities, I am glad to join the advisory board. I hope that my experience from working with open knowledge, open data and open source, as well as some organizational development, will prove useful for the OpenRefine community.

Welcome, Jan!

The other members of the advisory committee are Antonin Delpeuch and Martin Magdinier. You can read more about OpenRefine’s governance and community in our Governance document.