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Date and venue options for an OpenRefine team meeting in 2024

ยท One min read
Antonin Delpeuch

For some time, a few team members have been considering organizing an in-person meeting around OpenRefine (for about 20 to 25 people). The goal of such a meeting would be to have contributors get to know each other better, share their views and coordinate together on a diverse range of topics, such as roadmap, governance, design, documentation and likely many others.

Those planning discussions have been held on the forum, which we acknowledge is only actively visited by parts of the broad OpenRefine community we want to reach out to with such a meeting.

If you are interested in shaping the future of OpenRefine and meet likeminded people, you are invited! Whether you are a translator, a trainer, a developer, a designer, an advocate or if you feel involved in the project in any other capacity, we want to see you at this event.

We are currently evaluating different dates and venue options. We aim to make remote participation possible and we should be able to offer travel support for many attendees. Please select the dates that would work best for you in this poll and let us know on the forum if none of the options work for you.