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NFDI funds reconciliation improvements

ยท 2 min read
Martin Magdinier

NFDI4Culture has awarded OpenRefine a EUR 10,000 grant to enhance its reconciliation feature. This grant is a continuation of the progress made in 2022 with Wikibase and Wikimedia Commons integration, the work of our Outreachy intern Ayushi over the past three months, as well as the improvements to the reconciliation protocol made by the W3C Entity Reconciliation Community Group.

Planned Working Packages.

OpenRefine's upcoming improvements are based on feedback collected during the testing of Wikibase and Wikimedia Commons integration and leverage existing design wireframes.

  1. Redesigning and redeveloping the reconciliation dialog: This aims to enhance the clarity and ease of use of the dialog which configures reconciliation.

  2. Improving the presentation of reconciled data: In particular, we want to address cases where multiple external databases are used as reconciliation endpoints and improving the display of data reconciled against different sources, including media files such as thumbnail previews.

  3. Enhancing the data enrichment process: This involves improvements in user messaging within the data enrichment UI and better presentation of data after enrichment processes, making the origin of new data readily recognizable.

  4. User-friendly error messages: We want to enhance the error reporting of reconciliation or enrichment, to make it easier to diagnose issues and to work with unstable reconciliation services.

The above tasks will be executed over a period of 5 months between August and December 2023.