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OpenRefine News: Spring 2016

· 4 min read
Martin Magdinier

The OpenRefine community haven't been quiet during the Wintes months. Tons of new tutorials have been published in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch and OpenRefine introduced to hundreds of new users at conferences, workshop and webinar. All the details below.


Mapping tip: how to convert and filter KML into a list with OpenRefine by @carlapedret

How to open a rebel CSV file with #OpenRefine by @Carlapedret

Extracting, Augmenting, and Updating Metadata in Fedora 3 and 4 Using a Local OpenRefine from code4lib journal issue 31 by @ruthbrarian

Determining which Salesforce fields are used in a page layout with OpenRefine by @goravseth

Using OpenRefine to control the names in one of our digital collections by @elliot_dw

Preparing “Messy Data” with OpenRefine by @floridastate in Digital Scholars

The 2016 Nicar conference was again the source of great tutorials:

@ostephens recorded two webinar for mashcat:

Come pulire i dati con OpenRefine: le ricette più usate by @nelsonmau

OpenRefine : aplicación de escritorio de código abierto para transformación a otros formatos: by @jalonsoarevalo

Plaatsnamen standaardiseren met OpenRefine and ErfGeo by @ErfGeo

Ettore Rizza recorded several excellent video tutorial in French:

Development Update

@reese_terry details the enhancement he made to MarcEdit to export to OpenRefine:

@cm_harlow shared a new reconciliation service for ISNI:

French Office for Public Stats (INSEE) releases a SPARQL Connector you can query from OpenRefine:

@saherneklawy shared his progress on OpenRefine in R for string / text cleaning. Very promising (and probably stata portable?)

@psychemedia worked on a first attempt at packaging OpenRefine for SandstormIO

Winter Events Overview

From Indonesia to Brazil, Belgium and Canada thank you to all the instructors who share their love for OpenRefine!