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Providing design assets and implementation

Providing design assets and design implementation

  • High-fidelity designs: Once wireframes are approved by community consensus, proceed to create high-fidelity designs of the user interface using design tools like Figma or Sketch.

  • Visual consistency: Ensure your designs align with the existing design system, incorporating colors, typography, and UI components as outlined in the OpenRefine Design System. Note: Using Figma in this regard will probably save you time.

  • Export assets: Export design assets such as icons, buttons, and graphics in formats suitable for implementation and link them directly in the relevant GitHub issues.

  • Implementing your design ideas: If you’re fluent in frontend development, as well as design, you will ideally be able to also implement your own design proposals in html and css. You can follow the contributor guide for developers for detailed instructions on how the process for contributing code via GitHub is organized.