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Feedback and prioritization

When engaging in design discussions and reviews, share your work within GitHub issues to gather feedback on usability, aesthetics, and project alignment. Incorporate received feedback by refining your designs, ensuring they adhere to the user goals identified in the original formulation of the issue.

Collaborate with maintainers and contributors to prioritize the order of addressing and implementing design tasks, considering the community's size and potential competing responsibilities. Be aware that feedback from project maintainers and experienced contributors might take time due to the community's small scale and other ongoing tasks.

For the same reason, implementation might also take time. The asynchronous feedback and implementation process does not remove any value from the design suggestion as it helps elicit future functionalities or improvements.

Community engagement

Active participation in forum

Besides specific issue discussions on GitHub, engage in discussions on the project's Forum to share more general insights, seek guidance, and collaborate with fellow contributors. Your active involvement helps foster a supportive community and enables valuable knowledge exchange, contributing to the collective growth of the OpenRefine project.

Monthly contributor meetup

Join the monthly contributor meetup to connect with others, discuss progress, and align efforts. These gatherings provide an opportunity to share ideas, address challenges, and collectively steer the project forward, reinforcing a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within the OpenRefine community.