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Communicating via GitHub

We recommend new members of OpenRefine's GitHub organization to apply some GitHub configuration settings, to help them integrate in the project smoothly.


As a member of the organization, GitHub subscribes you automatically to a lot of notifications about everything that is happening in the project. For most people, this will generate much more noise than desired.

Go to the OpenRefine repository, click on "Unwatch" and pick "Participating and @mentions". This will ensure that you only get notifications in discussions in which you left a comment, or if you were explicitly pinged.

Screenshot of notification settings on GitHub, where 'Participating and mentions' is selected

We encourage you to do the same for any other repository which generates unwanted notifications in your feed. This will help you ensure your GitHub notifications stay relevant and help you get involved in OpenRefine, focusing on the topics that you care about.

Publicizing your membership

By default, your membership of the OpenRefine project is kept hidden. We encourage you to make it public by going to the list of members of the OpenRefine organization, looking for your own user account there, and switching from "Private" to "Public".

Screenshot of the two visibility choices (private and public) for organization membership on GitHub

This will include you in the list of project members and display an OpenRefine badge on your GitHub profile:

Screenshot of an OpenRefine badge on a GitHub profile