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OpenRefine design system

The OpenRefine Design System was created by careful analysis of the tool's interactive components, providing helpful reference for designers and contributors regarding the styling, application and integration of components in different user workflow scenarios. Designed to ensure consistency and usability, it also serves as a normative document. Use the page navigation in the Figma document to check guidelines for colors, typography styles, individual buttons, complete dialogs and interaction sequences.

Accessing the OpenRefine design system‚Äč

Duplicate for edit access: The OpenRefine Design System is accessible to all for viewing. For edit access, duplicate the file to your drafts. This empowers you to make changes and contribute. You can also copy components to your own Figma files.

Request edit access: If you're an active contributor, you might be granted direct edit access. Feel free to inquire in the development and design category channel on the OpenRefine forum.