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Other distributions

The following distributions have been customized for a specific usage or integration with other technologies.

OpenDataRiseTool to cleanse and semantify datasets from CKAN repositories. Based on OpenRefine.Open Data in Trentino
p3-batchrefineBatchRefine adds batch processing capabilities to OpenRefine and support multiple back end including sparkSpazioDati
RefineOnSparkRefineOnSpark is a driver program to run OpenRefine jobs on the Spark clusterSpazioDati
Reconciliation-and-Matching-FrameworkA framework to allow the matching of string entities using customised sets of transformations and matchers, plus a tool to produce the necessary configurations and another to expose them as OpenRefine reconciliation services.RBGKew
Ontotext RefineOntotext Refine, previously called OntoRefine, is a closed-source data transformation tool based on OpenRefine. It can be used for converting tabular data to RDF using a visual mapper or SPARQL, exporting it as Turtle or importing it to a GraphDB repository directly, using SPARQL queries against a virtual endpoint of Refine data.Ontotext