You will find on this page a list of OpenRefine distributions and extensions available for download. Are we missing something? Want to fix a typo? You can submit changes (pull request) from here.

Official Distribution

Read the installation instructions

You can also download all official releases and source from our GITHUB RELEASES PAGE

OpenRefine 3.0

The final release of OpenRefine 3.0. Please BACKUP your workspace directory before installing and report any problems that you encounter.

The final release of 3.0 on Sept 16, 2018. A change log is provided on the release page.

OpenRefine 2.8

The final release of 2.8 on Nov 18, 2017. A change log is provided on the release page.

Other Distributions

The following distributions have been customized for a specific usage or integration with other technologies.

Distribution Description Authors
LODRefine LODRefine is actually OpenRefine with integrated extensions that make transition from tabular data to Linked Data a bit easier. Integrated extensions are: RDF extension, DBpedia extension, Crowdsourcing extension, Stats extension Sparkica
OpenDataRise Tool to cleanse and semantify datasets from CKAN repositories. Based on OpenRefine. Open Data in Trentino
p3-batchrefine BatchRefine adds batch processing capabilities to OpenRefine and support multiple back end including spark SpazioDati
SparkonRefine RefineOnSpark is a driver program to run OpenRefine jobs on the Spark cluster SpazioDati
Reconciliation-and-Matching-Framework A framework to allow the matching of string entities using customised sets of transformations and matchers, plus a tool to produce the necessary configurations and another to expose them as OpenRefine reconciliation services. RBGKew
FAIRifier Add the FAIRified data as RDF to a data resource (FTP or virtuoso triple store - more to be added later). This allows the user to push FAIR data to a resource and metadata to a FAIRDataPoint(FDP) with one application. Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences.
OntoRefine GraphDB OntoRefine is a data transformation tool, based on OpenRefine and integrated in the GraphDB Workbench. It can be used for converting tabular data into RDF and importing it into a GraphDB repository, using simple SPARQL queries and a virtual endpoint. Ontotext

List of Extensions

You can install the following extensions to add functionalities to OpenRefine. See how to install an extension.

Extension Name Description Authors
RDF extension 0.9 for OpenRefine 2.6 RDF Refine - an OpenRefine extension for exporting RDF DERI
RDF extension v1.0.0-rc4 for OpenRefine 3.0+ RDF Refine - an improved fork of OpenRefine extension for exporting RDF stkenny
Opentree An extension for Google/Open Refine to display phylogenetic trees from the Open Tree of Life nickynicolson
BioVel The BioVeL Extension adds functionality specific to cleaning biodiversity data. The entire package can be installed and run locally as well as on a dedicated server. Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
GeoRefine Add Geospatial processing GREL functions for OpenRefine Ryan Baumann
String-Transformers A collection of Java string transformers, suitable for use with OpenRefine. Some generic, some aimed at botany and taxonomy. RBGKew
CKAN Extension Storage for OpenRefine 2.6-beta1 and CKANv2.2+ Upload data directly from OpenRefine using CKAN storage API Ontodia
CKAN Extension Storage v0.1 (alpha) This extension allows data of Google Refine projects to be uploaded to CKAN Storage and connected to a package on a running CKAN instance. released 2014-03-06 DERI
GOKB The GOKb extension will allow you to use OpenRefine to check in a project, resolve errors and warnings, and ingest data into GOKb.  
Crowdsourcing An extension for OpenRefine for creating jobs and uploading data to CrowdFlower crowdsourcing service Zemanta
DBpedia extension This project is an extension for Google Refine and provides easy way to add columns from DBpedia to reconciled data (columns). Data has to be reconciled with DBpedia or SPARQL endpoint, which returns DBpedia resource types. Zemanta
History tools, pivot tool, cross function gui, and scatterplot tool using D3 A manual is provided via the download page. The project is coded in Javascript solely so the code distributed is also the source code VIB-BITS
Diff plugin A manual is provided via the download page. The project is coded in Javascript solely so the code distributed is also the source code VIB-BITS
LMF Extension The Linked Media Framework is an easy-to-setup server application that bundles together some key open source projects to offer some advanced services for linked media management. The core development of this project has been moved to Apache Marmotta Salzburg Research
Named-Entity Recognition With this extension, you can enrich text fields right from your workspace. It supports AlchemyAPI, DBpedia Lookup and Zemanta. - see also their documentation Ruben Verborgh (Free Your Metadata)
Stats extension for Google Refine 2.1 A extension for OpenRefine to compute elementary statistics on a column data. the Chicago Tribune
Stats extension for Google Refine 2.5+ A extension for OpenRefine to compute elementary statistics on a column data. sparkica
extraCTU-plugin to extract E-mails, Telephone numbers, Urls and the Identification Numbers from a messy text giTorto
geoXtension geoXtension is based on gdal, proj and geos libraries. Adding this extension to OpenRefine takes a lot of time, usage of the ready-made docker is recommended giTorto
D2Refine A clinical study metadata harmonization and validation workbench to 1) convert restrictions (specified in a spreadsheet like interface) into a clinical model; and 2) provide metadata reconciliation services leveraging the Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2) Deepak K. Sharma

Reconciliation Services

OpenRefine can connect to several reconciliation services. Please read our wiki for a list of them.

Client Libraries

You can automate some OpenRefine operations using one of the existing libraries. Those libraries are using the OpenRefine API.